Terça, 28 Mar 2017

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Technical University of Lisbon

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Welcome to FMV!


FMV is the oldest of the seven institutes integrating the Technical University of Lisbon, promoting veterinary sciences teaching since 1830.

FMV mission is the “creation, transmission and diffusion of culture, science and technology in the area of Veterinary Sciences, through the development of educational activities, research and community services, benefiting the society as a whole” – the fulfillment of this mission is the daily task of teachers, staff and students.


In the teaching component FMV has motivated students and a highly qualified teaching body (90% with PhD degrees). FMV offers several courses:

- Basic Studies on Animal Health Sciences which is the first cycle of the Integrated Masters in Veterinary Medicine (MIMV)

- Animal Production Engineering (first and second cycle) – both in collaboration with the “Instituto Superior de Agronomia” (ISA-UTL)

- Masters in Food Safety (MSA)

- PhD in Veterinary Science, with 5 specialties


FMV also offers a diversified program of post-graduate and lifelong learning courses.

The Veterinary training at FMV was evaluated and approved by EAEVE and is the sole institution in Portugal with this status.

At FMV learning Veterinary Medicine means doing it!


At the research  component FMV has the Interdisciplinary Animal Health Research Centre (CIISA) covering four main areas, namely: Health and Prevention, Pathology and Medicine; Food Safety and Biotechnology and Animal Production. CIISA stimulate several research lines in collaboration with national and international institutions, contributing to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, development of innovative biotechnological products and the improvement of quality of life for both animal populations and consumers.

Regarding the services to the community FMV has a Teaching Hospital, which constitutes a reference centre for veterinary medicine and surgery. The hospital covers not only the clinical and surgery areas for companion and large animals but also presents pharmaceutical services, blood bank and diagnostic services.


The results of national and international evaluations attributed to FMV a high position in the Veterinary Medicine in Portugal and in Europe. The strength that drives the institution is the result of the dedication of its members and the dynamic cooperation with Society.

FMV is a modern school that honors its past, is proud of its present and aims always more for its future!


Luis Manuel Morgado Tavares
 Cathedratic Professor
President of FMV