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FMV is located in the Polo Universitário do Alto da Ajuda , and you may reach it taking the following buses:
Bus 23 – DesterroAlgés
Bus 29 – AlgésBairro Padre Cruz
Bus 60 – Martim MonizCemitério da Ajuda
Bus 74 – B. Madre de Deus – Universidade Técnica

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Interface with other transports:


   Benfica Station– Bus 29
   Praça do Comércio – Bus 60
   Algés Station – Bus 23 or 29
   Belém Station – Bus 73

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Blue line –Marquês de Pombal Station – Bus 23 (direction Algés)
Blue line – Pontinha Station – Bus 29 (direction Algés)
Green line –Martim Moniz Station – Bus 60 (direction Cemitério da Ajuda)

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   Trafaria and Porto BrandãoBelém – Bus 29 (direction Bairro Padre Cruz)
   Cacilhas, Seixal and MontijoPraça do Comércio – Bus 60 (direction Cemitério da Ajuda)

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From the airport, you may reach FMV by bus, taking 2 buses:
Airport to Marquês de Pombal - Bus 83 (direction Amoreiras)
From Marquês de Pombal to FMV - Bus 23 (direction Algés)

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Gare do Oriente
You have two ways of going from Gare do Oriente to FMV:

1. Underground and bus
Underground, from Gare do Oriente until Martim Moniz:
Red line – Gare do Oriente – Alameda
Green line – Alameda – Martim Moniz (direction Cais do Sodré)
Bus 23 (direction Algés), from Martim Moniz to FMV.

2. Bus
From Gare do Oriente to Algés - Bus 50 (direction Algés)
From Algés to FMV – Bus 23 (direction Desterro) or bus 29 (direction Bairro Padre Cruz)


From Gare do Oriente to Bairro Padre Cruz - Bus 68 (direction Bairro Padre Cruz)
From Bairro Padre Cruz to FMV – Bus 29 (direction Algés)

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You can always choose to take a taxi from anywhere in the city! These are some phone numbers for taxis:

   Autocoope – (+351) 217 932 756
   Rádio Táxis de Lisboa – (+351) 218 119 000
   Teletáxis – (+351) 218 111 000
  Volancoop – (+351) 218 153 513