Terça, 28 Mar 2017

External Relations Office (GRE/FMV)


GRE/FMV has the mission of coordinating the liaison between FMV and its academic, research, professional and social partners.

- Organize and diffuse internally relevant information to students, teachers and other staff;
- Coordinate the external publicity of FMV activities
- Support the establishment of Agreements of Cooperation in the academic, scientific, professional and social fields;
- To guarantee the connection of FMV to other similar national and international institutions.


Coordination of GRE/FMV - Prof. Cristina Lobo Vilela, Vice-President of FMV

The main activities of GRE/FMV are the Academic, Research, Technological Development and Cultural Cooperation with the objective to promote, diffuse information and implement actions with national and international institutions.
The activities of GRE/FMV cover 4 areas, with the following working groups:

Cooperation Programmes
National Cooperation: Prof. Jorge Silva
Cooperation with CPLP countries: Prof. Yolanda Vaz
International Cooperation: Prof. Carlos Martins

Participation in EU Programmes Socrates/Erasmus: Prof. Cristina Vilela
Other Community Programs: Prof. Magda Aguiar

Professional insertion
Liaison to Enterprises: Prof. António Barreto
Liaison to Students Final Training Partner Institutions: Prof. José Meireles
Liaison to Institutions Sending Students to FMV for Final Training: Prof. Ilda Rosa

Information management and diffusion
Diffusion of LLL/CPD and Cultural Actions and Programs: Prof. J. H. Duarte Correia
Diffusion of I&DT Actions and Programs: Prof. Carlos Fontes
Participation in Events: Prof. Berta São Bráz


Mrs. Leonilde Ribeiro
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10:30 -12:00h
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