The Online Veterinary Pathology Atlas consists in an alternative approach to learning that uses modern information technologies to provide a new, laid-back and interactive attitude towards study and research. What you see here is the result of a selection of images taken from the archives of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty, at Lisbon (Portugal) as well as from the private collections of some of the teaching staff at this institution. This site also features some images that were given to us for this exact purpose and for which we are extremely grateful.
All featured images illustrate clinical, necropsy, slaughter and histopathology findings. The selection was conducted according to primary subjects of interest in Veterinary Pathology and guided by a well-defined purpose to facilitate self-learning by Veterinary Medicine students as well as promoting the development of their taste for necropsy and histopathology-based diagnosis.
It is also our goal to provide an interactive platform for continuing education, where clinical cases of practical interest can be presented and explained to all veterinary practitioners and/or enthusiasts, in order to improve their comprehension and interpretation of both macroscopic and microscopic features associated with various conditions.


6th edition February 2016

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