Department of Animal Health


The Animal Health Department aims to contribute to the graduate and postgraduate training of students in the area of ​​Animal Health, as well as to develop Research and Development (R & D) activities and to provide services to the community.


The departmental structure comprises a Department Council, that integrates all PhD teachers and researchers, which elect the President and the Study Coordinator of the scientific area in each quadriennium. The President appoint an Executive Committee to assist him in the exercise of his functions and powers.

President of the Department

Prof. Maria da Conceição Peleteiro

Executive Comission

Prof. Maria da Conceição Peleteiro
Prof. Fernando Boinas
Prof. Isabel Fonseca

study Coordinator

Prof. Virgílio Almeida

Department Council

Prof. Luis Tavares
Prof. Conceição Peleteiro
Prof. Fernando Boinas
Prof. Isabel Fonseca
Prof. Luís Carvalho
Prof. Virgílio Almeida
Prof. Ana Duarte
Prof. Fernando Afonso
Prof. Jorge Correia
Prof. José Meireles
Prof. Isabel Neto
Prof. Manuela Oliveira
Prof. Solange Gil
Prof. José Júlio Alfaro Cardoso
Prof. José João Sousa Nunes
Doctor José Alexandre Cameira Leitão


Ms. Idalina Camões (C3.67)
Tel .: + 351 21 365 2882
Fax: + 351 21 365 2895


DSA members develop their teaching, research and service activities within the framework of departmental action in different areas, namely:
In the FMV study plan and in close connection with the School Hospital and its Infectious Diseases Isolation Unit and Large Animal Clinical Unit, they participate in the teaching of the degree in Basic Studies in Animal Health Sciences, in the Integrated Masters of Veterinary Medicine and in the degree in Zootechnical Engineering, this, in partnership with the Higher Institute of Agronomy. The teaching activity also extends to postgraduate courses in MSc in Food Safety, MSc in Animal Production (ISA / FMV). The members of the department guide and collaborate in the tutoring of interns of the MIMV and other Masters of ULisboa and other national and foreign Institutions of Higher Education and Research, as well as supervising PhD students. The DSA promotes continuous training and updating for veterinarians, laboratory technicians and awareness actions to animal health and animal husbandry initiatives, also in collaboration with OMV, DGAV, Veterinary Medicine Student Associations and other entities.
In the area of ​​research, DSA develops national and international research and development projects within the scope of the Research Units of CIISA.
The provision of services is developed in the Faculty and outside the walls. At FMV, the DSA supports the School Hospital, the Large Animals Clinical Unit, coordinates the activity of the Infectious Diseases Isolation Unit and collaborates with other sectors. The provision of services to the community includes technical-scientific laboratory support, consulting and collaboration protocols with national and international public and private entities.