Department of Morpholgy and Function


The main objective is learning acquisition at the graduate and post-graduate levels in their different areas of knowledge.  How to develop and carry out Research and Experimental Development activities (R&ED). 


The departmental structure comprises a Department Council, that integrates all PhD teachers and researchers, which elect the President and the Study Coordinator of the scientific area in each quadriennium. The President appoint an Executive Committee to assist him in the exercise of his functions and powers. 

President of the Department

Prof. José António Mestre Prates 

Executive Commission

Prof. José António Mestre Prates
Prof. António José Freitas Duarte
Prof. Victor Manuel Diogo Alves

study Coordinator

Prof. Graça Maria Ferreira Dias

Department Council

Prof. José António Mestre Prates
Prof. Graça Maria Ferreira Dias
Prof. Graça Maria Alexandre Pires de Lopes Melo
Prof. António José de Freitas Duarte
Prof. José Henrique Rocha Dias Correia
Prof. João José Martins Afonso
Prof. José Manuel Antunes Ferreira da Silva
Prof. Mário António Pereira da Silva Soares de Pinho
Prof. Victor Manuel Diogo de Oliveira Alves
Prof. Mário Alexandre Gonçalves Quaresma
Prof. Maria de São José Centeno
Prof. Maria Luísa Mendes Jorge
Prof. Fernando António da Costa Ferreira


Dra. Leonilde Ribeiro (C3.25):
Tel. and Fax: + 351 21 365 28/29 


The DMF develops its activities in three big areas: graduate and post-graduate teaching, research, and community service. For further information on the activities carried out in the Department, please look for it in the pages of each individual laboratory or in the Secretariat of the Department.

In the area of graduate teaching, the DMF is responsible for teaching the courses regarding basic sciences of the Integrated Master´s in Veterinary Medicine. These subjects are the bases for the courses of clinical nature, animal production, food safety and animal health. This department participates and ensures, either completely or partially, teaching of undergraduate courses in Animal Science, together with the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA/ULisboa ). The DMF actively participates in supervising students of Integrated Master´s in Veterinary Medicine from FMV/ ULisboa, as well as Master´s from other Institutions of Higher Education and Research (ISA/ULisboa, etc.).  It participates in collaboration on the supervision of the “Preparatories of Veterinary Medicine” by the University of Azores.

With respect to the post-graduate teaching, the  DMF collaborates on the following Master´s and post-graduate courses:

 Master´s in Food Safety, Master´s in Animal Production (ISA/FMV), Master´s and post-graduate course in “Control of Quality and Toxicology” (FF-ULisboa). There is a marked tendency for the involvement of teachers and researchers in intra and extra-mural activities with national and international institutions of higher education  and society.

In the area of research, the DMF develops basic and applied research projects that englobe the different Research Units of CIISA, from basic sciences to applied sciences, which include national researchers and International cooperation.

Extra-mural services are done as requested by the various fields of the Portuguese society.