Animal Production

Master in Animal Production


Over It is general objective of master's degree in Animal Production to provide a through scientific and technical training in the area of livestock production aimed at respecting the concerns of the problems of food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection.


This Master course is organised by the Faculty of veterinary Medicine and the Agricultural College of the University of Lisbon

Study Plan


Branch of knowledge ECTS
1st semester
Economics and Sustainability of the Value Chain 6
Statistics and Experimental Design 6
Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory 6
Animal Breeding 6
Advanced Animal Nutrition 6
2nd semester
Animal Products Technology 6
Feed manufacturing Technology 6
Animal Production Technics – Meat 6
Animal Production Technics – Milk 6
Animal Production Technics – Other than Milk and Meat 6
3rd semester
Optionals 18
3rd and 4th semesters
Dissertation 42
Total 120