Department of Animal Production and Food Safety


The Animal Production and Food Safety Department (DPASA) comprises the scientific areas of Animal Production and Food Safety and aims to stimulate and coordinate teaching, research and specialized services in these areas

The area of ​​Animal Production includes genetic resources and breeding, nutrition and feeding, production techniques and systems, environmental and economic sustainability of production, behavior and animal welfare.

The area of ​​Food Safety comprises the quality and safety of food of animal origin, the technologies for the preparation and preservation of food of animal origin and the veterinary public health.

Within the scope of education, DPASA collaborates in the integrated Master in Veterinary Medicine and in the PhD in Veterinary Sciences and coordinates the Masters in Zootechnical Engineering / Animal Production (in partnership with the School of Agriculture) and the Master in Food Safety. In life-long training DPASA promotes several courses in its areas of activity.

In the scope of research and development, DPASA, in line with CIISA, encourages national and international projects in their areas of interest, with or without collaboration with other entities, promoting the integration of teachers and researchers, stimulating the participation of students and contributing to knowledge advancement and the development of Society. 


The departmental structure comprises a Department Council, that integrates all PhD teachers and researchers, which elect the President and the Study Coordinators of each of the two scientific areas in each quadriennium. The President appoint an Executive Committee to assist him in the exercise of his functions and powers. 

President of the Department

Prof. Carlos Mendes Godinho de Andrade Fontes

Executive Comission

Prof. Carlos Mendes Godinho de Andrade Fontes
Prof. Rui José Branquinho de Bessa
Prof. Marília Catarina Leal Fazeres Ferreira

Coordenator of Studies

Scientific área of Animal Production: Prof. Luis Lavadinho Telo da Gama
Scientific área of Food Safety: Prof. António Barreto 

Department Council

Prof. António Salvador Ferreira Henriques Barreto
Prof. Carlos Mendes Godinho de Andrade Fontes
Prof. Rui Manuel de Vasconcelos Horta Caldeira
Prof. José Pedro da Costa Cardoso de Lemos
Prof. Luis Lavadinho Telo da Gama
Prof. Rui José Branquinho de Bessa
Prof. Ilda Maria Neto Gomes Rosa
Prof. Magda Alexandra Nobre Martins Aguiar de Andrade Fontes
Prof. Maria Gabriela Lopes Veloso
Prof. Maria João dos Ramos Fraqueza
Prof. Marília Catarina Leal Fazeres Ferreira

Invited Teachers

Prof. Ana Rita Sá Henriques
Prof. Miguel José Sardinha de Oliveira Cardo
Prof. Telmo Renato Landeiro Raposo Pina Nunes


Doutor Luís Alfaro Cardoso


Maria Paula Silva (C3.101)
Tel: + 351 21 365 2884
Fax: + 351 21 365 2889 


DPASA develops its activities in three areas: graduate and post-graduate teaching, research, and community services.

In the area of graduate and pos-graduate teaching, DPASA is responsible for teaching the curricular units regarding Animal Production and Food Safety subjects in the master in Veterinary Medicine, in the bachelor and master degrees in Zootechnical Engineering (together with the Instituto Superior de Agronomia) and the master in Food Safety.

In the area of research, DPASA develops basic and applied research projects in the different Research Units of CIISA, from basic sciences to applied sciences, including national researchers and international cooperation.

Extra-mural community services are performed as requested by the various fields of society, namely on the areas of nutrition and feeding, production systems, breeding, economy, behavior, and technology and safety of products of animal origins.