School Council

The School Council is the teachers, non-teaching staff and students’ representative board, responsible for strategic decisions and for supervising if the Faculty bylaws and other applicable legal norms are complied and if the mission of the FMV is fulfilled.

 The School Council consists of a total of fifteen members, distributed as follows:

  1. nine representatives of teachers, within the body of doctorates working on a full-time basis;
  2. one representative of the non-teaching staff;
  3. two representatives of the students;
  4. three external co-opted

Members of the School Council

President: António José de Almeida Ferreira
Vice-President: José Paulo Pacheco Sales Luis
Representatives of Teachers:
Luís Manuel Morgado Tavares
Luis Filipe Lopes Costa
António Henrique Salvador Barreto
José Paulo Pacheco Sales Luís
José António Mestre Prates
Graça Maria Leitão Ferreira Dias
Luis Manuel Madeira de Carvalho
José Pedro Costa Cardoso de Lemos
Representatives of non-teaching staff:
Dra. Ana Cristina Antunes Correia
Representatives of Students:
Pedro Reis Ruivo
Alejandra Elisa Rodrigues Olim
External Co-opted Members:
Prof. Doutor José Antunes Afonso de Almeida
Dr. João José Gomes Esteves
Dr. Manuel Filipe Dargent Figueiredo