Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is the body responsible for FMV’ scientific policy, the qualifications of its teaching staff and the quality and relevance of students training, in respect with the strategic options of the School Council and the functions and powers of the President of FMV and the Pedagogical Council.

The Scientific Council is composed of fifteen members: 12 PhD teachers on full-time, and three representatives of the research units from among teachers and researchers with a PhD degree.

Composition of the Scientific Council

President: Luis Filipe Lopes Costa
Vice-President: Carlos Mendes Godinho de Andrade Fontes
Representatives of Teachers:
Rui Manuel Vasconcelos e Horta Caldeira
Luís Manuel Morgado Tavares
António Salvador Ferreira Henriques Barreto
António José de Almeida Ferreira
José António Mestre Prates
Maria Manuela Grave Rodeia Espada Niza
Luis Manuel Madeira de Carvalho
Graça Maria Leitão Ferreira Dias
Graça Maria Alexandre Pires Lopes de Melo
Virgílio da Silva Almeida
Representatives of CIISA Researchers:
Prof. António José de Freitas Duarte
Prof. Rui José Branquinho Bessa
Doutor José Alexandre Costa Perdigão Cameira Leitão.