Pedagogic Council

The Pedagogic Council is the body responsible for the faculty pedagogical policy framework and its mission is to secure the pedagogical quality of courses, regarding the strategic options of the School Council and the functions and powers of the President of FMV and the Scientific Council.

The Pedagogic Council is composed of 10 members, 5 full-time PhD teachers and 5 representatives of the students, from which one represents PhD students, elected by secret ballot by their peers according to the d’Hondt method.

Composition of the Pedagogic Council

President: Luís Manuel Madeira de Carvalho
Vice-President: Luísa Maria Freire Leal Mateus
Vice-President student: José Pedro Portásio Correia

Representatives of Teachers:
Marília Catarina Leal Fazeres Ferreira
Mário António Pereira Silva Soares de Pinho
José Ricardo Dias Bexiga

Representatives of Students
Ana Catarina Fernandes Urbano
Inês Maria Santos Pereira
Maria Inês Martins Figueira da Graça Barata
Manuel Maria Batalha de Almeida e Vasconcelos