Postgraduate Course in Medical and surgical companion animal nursing



Start date
SEP 09th, 2022


This postgraduate course aims to provide specific training in medical and surgical skills in companion animals. It will provide a strong update and deepening of this knowledge in this area. More than learning new theoretical concepts, this training track will provide a more specialized theoretical anchor, with direct application in your field of ​​work.

Because the quality of care and safety for companion animals is our priority, this postgraduate course has a set of highly experienced trainers (veterinarians and veterinary nurses). It should also be noted that there will be a period of practical contact – the tutored internship, which will reinforce the trainees' experience.

Due to its modular organization, it is possible to attend individual modules (except the internship):

  • Emergency, intensive and critical care (5 ECTS) - 4 modules | 550€
  • Continuing care (4 ECTS) - 3 modules | 420€
  • Complementary diagnostic tests (2,5 ECTS) - 2 modules | 280€
  • Exotic animals (1 ECTS) | 150€
  • Wound management (1 ECTS) | 150€
  • Operating room (7,5 ECTS) | 840€

This training has the support of the Portuguese Veterinary Nurse Association (AEVP – Associação dos Enfermeiros Veterinários Portugueses).



The Postgraduate Course in Medical and surgical companion animal nursing is organized into 7 curricular units, and subsequently in a modular way. A total of 17 modules with a total amount of 320 hours of contact. These are divided into

  1. 238 hours of theoretical, mixed and practical classes to occur in after-work hours (1 to 2 weekends per month). Eventually there will be available classes throughout an e-learning platform in case the pandemic situation changes
  2. 82 hours of tutored internship at HEV. Participants will fit into clinical rotations, guided by veterinary nurses from the HEV clinical staff

Assessment and evaluation

Assessment will be applied in the form of a continuous and modular assessment questionnaires. In the end it will be necessary to perform a final work.


Graduates in veterinary nursing (license certificate), without ranking, except in cases where enrollment exceeds the number of vacancies. In this case, the ranking will be done by course grade.

Registration and fees

2000€ with 10% discount from AEVP (Portuguese Veterinary Nurse Association).

Until May 2022


1 year in a total amount of 320h of contact, These are divided into 238h of theoretical, mixed and practical classes to occur in after-work hours and 82 hours of tutored internship at Hospital Escolar Veterinário (HEV).

Maximum of 30 attendants per edition

Curricular Plan

Emergency, intensive and critical care (5 ECTS)

Module 1 – The patient in the Emergency (2 pm)  |  SEP 10-11, 2022
Module 2 – Basic and Advanced Life Support: Nursing and Medicine - the Team that saves (2 pm)  |  OCT 01-02, 2022
Module 3
– The Intensive Care Unit (2 pm)  |  NOV 12-13, 2022
Module 4 – Private Management of Critically Ill (2:00 pm)  |  DEC 10-11, 2022

Continuing care (4 ECTS)

Module 5 – Continuing Care: Physical Rehabilitation (2:00 pm)  |  JAN 7-8, 2023
Module 6 – Continuing care: Inpatient service (2 pm)  |  JAN 28-29, 2023
Module 7 – Continuing Care: oncology and palliative care (2 pm)  |  FEV 18-19, 2023

Complementary diagnostic tests (2,5 ECTS)

Module 8 – Clinical analysis: from collection to analysis (14h)  |  MAR 11-12, 2023
Module 9 – Diagnosis: radiology and endoscopy (14h)  | APR 01-02, 2023

Exotic animals (1 ECTS)

Module 10 – Exotic Animal Clinic (2 pm)  |  APR 22-23, 2023

Operating room (7,5 ECTS)

Module 11 – Technical work in the operating room (2 pm)  |  MAY 13-14, 2023
Module 12 – Surgical Instrumentation (14h) - JUN 03-04, 2023
Module 13 – Preparation of the surgical patient (14h)  |  JUN 24-25, 2023
Module 14 – Anesthesia and pain management for nurses (2:00 pm)  |  JUL 15-16, 2023
Module 15 – Anesthetic monitoring and equipment maintenance (2:00 pm)  |  JUL 29-30, 2023
Modules 16 – Recovery of the patient in the operating room (2 pm)  |  SEP 09-10, 2023

Wound management (1 ECTS)

Module 17 – Dressings and wound healing (14h)  |  SEP 29-30, 2023

Tutored Internship (3 ECTS) – 2 weeks, 8 hours daily. Frequency period to be defined for each student.



Lisa Alexandra Pereira Mestrinho
José Henrique Duarte Correia


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - ULisboa

Alexandra Basso
(Veterinarian, Prof. Braço Forte Laboratory- FMV), Ana Cardoso (Veterinarian, Arrábida Veterinary Hospital - HVA), Ana Carvalho (Veterinarian, Hospital Escolar Veterinário -HEV), Ana Filipe (Veterinary Doctor, HEV), Ana Reisinho (Veterinarian, HEV), Ângela Martins (Veterinarian, HVA), António Almeida (Veterinarian, HEV), António Martinho (Invited Assistant Professor, FMV), Berta São Braz (Assistant Professor, FMV), Carla Sousa (HEV Veterinary Nurse), Catarina Oliveira (Veterinary Nurse, HEV), Daniela Silva (Veterinary Nurse, HEV), Esmeralda Delgado (Assistant Professor, FMV), Élia Cosme (HEV Veterinary Nurse), Filipe Gonçalves (HEV Veterinary Nurse), Filipe Martins (HEV Veterinary Nurse), Gonçalo Vicente (Veterinarian, HEV), Inês Lobo (Veterinarian, HEV), Inês Rijo (Veterinarian, HVA), Joana Gomes (Veterinarian, HEV), Joana Dias (Veterinarian, HEV), José HD Correia (Associate Professor, FMV), Leonor Iglésias (Veterinarian, HEV), Lisa Mestrinho (Assistant Professor, FMV), Mafalda Pires Gonçalves (Veterinarian, HEV), Patrícia Capelas (Veterinarian Nurse, HEV), Raquel Bastos (Veterinary Nurse, HEV), Rita Rosa (Veterinarian, HEV), Rodolfo Leal (Invited Assistant Professor, FMV ), Telmo Casimiro (Veterinarian, HEV).




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