DogIPM Project



The project DogIPM’s main objective is to stimulate dendritic cells (DC) that present essential antigens for the activation of T lymphocytes, which in turn orchestrate the host's immune response to guide the immune system in the fight against trypanosomatids, preventing infection (prophylactic vaccines) or inducing the most adequate immune response to cure (therapeutic vaccines).


DogIPM aims to stimulate immune effector cells to tutor the immune system in combating trypanosomatids, preventing infection (prophylactic vaccines) or inducing the most appropriate immune response to cure (therapeutic vaccines).


Envisioning the potential use of autologous stimulated DC as a prophylactic and therapeutic tool against cardiac Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis, DogIPM represents a first step in precision immune medicine applied to canine diseases caused by trypanosomatids. This immune approach represents a new and promising strategy applicable to the control of trypanosomoses.


DogIPM is expected to make a valid contribution to controlling Leishmania and Trypanosoma infection, reducing the amount, frequency of administration and toxicity of commonly used drugs, decreasing the duration of therapy, improving treatment adherence and achieve clinical and parasitic cure. DogIPM is also expected to participate in student education and communication of science and technology, improving global awareness of the strategic importance of science in the daily lives of citizens.


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